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When my brother was two he stole my dad’s car keys and took the car and went to a crazy wild rave and ended up crowd surfing and everyone there loved him so much they all started chanting “party baby” over and over and over and it was the great Party Baby Rave of late 1998

I lied when my brother was two he stole my dads car keys and stuck them in a light socket and that’s why his hair refuses to stay down when you brush it

My mom has this picture from a time when I was little and we went to the zoo and they had a big dinosaur statue with its mouth open and I laid in his mouth and pretended he was eating me and every time my mom thinks of it she starts cackling because I was “awesome even back then” ill see if I can find the picture


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Imagine Bucky using Steve's shield as a sled in the winter


he wasn’t counting on how little traction it would have, and they picked a big hill to try it out -

"fuck fuck FUCK i FUCKED UP—"

luckily for the world, sam was recording; a vine consisting of just bucky whizzing through the screen yelling obscenities goes viral within hours. it’s tagged #hecallshimselfthewintersoldier, and steve doesn’t stop laughing about it for days.


Excuse me, Marvel?

Yes hi.  Big fan.  Really.  But um, could you maybe, you know:

  • Black Widow put her in everything okay
  • More Falcon even if it’s like he shows up and eats pizza and tells everyone to believe in themselves 
  • Like a lot of Hawkeye movies at least four Hawkeye movies
  • Take care of Chris Evans he’s special to me
  • Bucky okay like let him cry on screen that’d be nice please


A fan

PS Please



Happy Bi Pride/Bi Visibility Day! If you’re looking for something to do to celebrate, bisexual-community has a whole bunch of resources here. Fellow bisexuals, know that we are important, our feelings are valid, and we are not alone. (And for the last time, it’s not a phase.) Have a great day!

Bi PrideDay/Bi Visibility Day officially happens every September 23rd (since 1999!) but as it gets more and more popular you will find Events For and About the Bisexual/(Non-Monosexual) + Queer-identified Community take place throughout the entire month of September

Look here to find events worldwide for Bi Visibility Day 2014:


imo if parents dont respect their kids then they dont deserve respect from their kids. im tired of people thinking that its normal for parents to treat their children like property or like they dont have feelings. im tired of people thinking that overprotective parents arent harmful. treat your children like people because thats what they ARE

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I almost just fell asleep in the middle of Advance Algebra but I randomly jerked awake and had the urge to scream “IT’S 2:37” I dont know why it’s 10:48 in the morning I dont

I was totally motivated to clean the fuck outta my room because I thought I had to but when I got home people were like nah ur fine and my dad was like nah go to bed so I 1. Did not go to bed and 2. Did not clean my room

also my coworkers need to stop flirting with me or trying to set me up with their kids ok I am not here to entertain you or to date your son I am here to do my fucking job and make some money so that I can pay my fucking bills ok and these gross men need to stop talking to me like i’m candy. Especially when I tell them that I’m only 16. It is not ok it is not appropriate and if one more strange balding coworker of mine offers to give me a ride home then I will hop down to Personnel and file a complaint so fast, this plain of existence may fold in on itself

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